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Look Inside!

Below you will find sample stories from various chapters in the “Best of the TIMES” book. You must have Adobe Reader® installed on your computer to view PDF files. Download the latest version here if you haven’t already.

Table of Contents

How Walker’s Club Became Canadian
by Art Jahns
from Chapter 1: It All Began in Walkerville

Henry & The McGregors
Ford Graphic, Golden Jubilee Supplement
from Chapter 3: Birth of the Auto

Windsor Went Wild in the Roaring Twenties
by Elaine Weeks
from Chapter 4: Crime in the City
Long Live Bob-Lo!
by David L. Newman
from Chapter 7: Places We Remember
Reno Bertoia
Student by Day, Tiger by Night

by Shelly Divinich Haggert
from Chapter 9: Sports Heritage
From Learning to Living
Edith Cavell School

by Natalie Atkin
from Chapter 10: School Daze
Walkerville Building Bombed!
by Currie Bednarick
from Chapter 11: Why We Must Remember

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