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The TIMES Magazine special holiday issue (#58) arrives November 2007!

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Take Me On a Sea Cruise

A tropical cruise in the dead of winter is always a treat and if it’s during your birthday, the turning older part doesn’t hurt nearly as much. More>

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bad penny plane

Operation Manna & the Hunger Winter
On April 29, 1945, seven young men launched the Allies’ ambitious strategy, “Operation Manna.” Stan Jones of Windsor and his crew mates flew their Lancaster, “Bad Penny,” to Holland just a few hundred feet above the heads of German gunners to drop food supplies to the starving Dutch.

police reports Walkerville Police Reports 1927 & 1935
Back in the day, Walkerville constables were kept busy chasing dogs and handing out parking tags.
first beer

A Prohibition Story
Many locals got fabulously wealthy running liquor but timing was everything.



  • The Heroic Butcher
  • That was MY old house!
  • Women Take Over in WWII
  • The Perfect Christmas Present
  • Harrow Train Station, 1905
  • My Family Mystery

Tips to avoid holiday shopping blues
Manggia! Manggia! Walkerville welcomes Big Tony’s Pizza

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